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Spotting before and after early period

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Last Sunday I experienced somne spotting (very light, brownish) and started freaking out thinking I could be pregnant. The next day it turned into heavier bleeding (more redish, enough to fill a tampon a even leak)This was 5 or 6 days before my period was due but it deffinently looked like a period...My first question is would spotting ever be heavy enough to fill a tampon?
So the heavy bleeding lasted 3-4 days (like a normal period) and went away. But then last night I noticed that I had spotted again (light and brownish again) My other question is could the spotting be a result of my schedule somehow getting screwed up and having an early period?
Also, I should let you know that my sister just moved to college (our schedules were pretty much in sync) and I started a program through school where I'm around a whole bunch of new people, plus my whole schedule and diet are different since school started. Could these all factor into screwing up my period and causing it to come early along with spotting?
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replied September 13th, 2009
Especially eHealthy
Spotting is enough to appear on toilet paper when you wipe or make a few spots on your panties in a day, not fill a tampon to overflow.

Everything you mention can be a factor. Early periods are olso often associated with weight gain. Your period and the way you flow will also change a few times over your life time.
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