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spotting and breast pain

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I'm really scared, for the past week and3days I've been spotting red blood sometimes its very very lil and sometimes regular spotting and sometimes a lil more than spotting that I see. And well what can that mean??could I be pergant?is that not normal?? My period is never normal I spotted before but not this long just for 3days and it was brownish. I'm scared

Then my breast been hurting and are really senstivee latley like just grabbing them hurts..I do self examnation but idk I feel bumps but idk if those are bumps to look for...I want to go to the doctor but I'm so scared cus if I have anything I have a feeling ill hurt myself cus its like I'm dying anyways :'( but I want to be healthy ahhh help please
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replied October 14th, 2009
I'm still spotting =(( helpp please some one :'( btw I'm only 16
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