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Spotting a week before period.

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I was supposed to get my period on 11/13. On 11/9 I had light red spotting the spotting has continued through today. On 11/6 I went to the dentist and started amoxcillin and metronidazole for a tooth infection. Why am I spotting like this? Could I be pregnant or is from the medication? The spotting is only when I wipe afterr urination.
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replied November 18th, 2009
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Lousywife, from your name I assume you are having regular sex which is of course the first act needed to get pregnant. If you had unprotected sex between about October 24 to October 31 you can definitely be pregnant and you should take an early detection pregnancy test. The infection could however also have caused your hormones to go out of balance slightly causing the spotting. The medicine can also interfere with your cycle.

If you are using any hormonal birth control, be careful that the medicines you got does not interfere with it.

Take care!
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replied January 4th, 2012
help ?
The last 4 months ive only had my period for a day, each month..I'm getting chubby and my appetite has increased.. do you think im pregnant?
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