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Spots on Legs

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About 7 months ago I started noticing small, scaly brown spots on my legs-specifically on the back of my calves. They have gotten progressively worse-turning red in heat and sometimes just staying red and spreading to more areas of my calf. They do not itch or cause any type of discomfort. My dermatologist originally prescribed Fluocinonide which I have used for about a month. There has been no change other then it spreading during this time-rapid spreading around the calf and I am wondering if the Fouocinonide is making it worse - it certainly isn't making it better. She also prescribed Zyrtec to see if it was an allergic reaction, which also did not work.

Yesterday she prescribed Efudex, which after I did some research on this medicine, seems extremely painful - especially for something that hasn't been officially diagnosed. The DR had mentioned doing a biopsy on one of the spots for a more accurate diagnosis but has yet to do this.

Any advice provided into what this might be would be appreciated.
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