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Spot on lung after pneumonia

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I am a 40 yr. old non-smoking male and had pneumonia in March of 2009. I was not hospitalized for the pneumonia, but have had a dull ache on the right side of my back for the last 6 months after having pneumonia. I finally went to my doctor and he asked me to have a chest x-ray, which I did. The results showed a small spot on my right lung and the doctor asked that I get a CT scan. There nurse merely said it is most likely nothing or could be scar tissue. I was hoping to find out what they are looking for, but they have left me in the dark until I get the CT scan. Of course, I now envision scenarios of lung cancer or some other serious ailment. The symptoms I am experiencing are intermittent bouts of dull pain in the right side of my back that sometimes feels as though my rib cage hurts. Once in a while the pain goes from the spot on my back and wraps around to the front. I have noticed a shortness of breath when walking, but I DO NOT have a cough. To me it feels as though the pain is related to the pneumonia I had as I have felt it ever since having pneumonia. Could you please let me know what they are looking for and what the possible scenarios are for the spot on my lung. I realize there is no way of knowing until I get the CT scan, but I would like to know what the possiblities are. I have never smoked and consider myself to be very healthy.

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replied March 10th, 2013
spot on my son lung lower half
my son has a apot on his lung the dr says its nothing to worry about at this time. that some people are born with this can any one tell me what this is called and what causes it at birth cause nothing was found when he was born he is 22 now.all i know the dr said later in life he may need surgery
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