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Splenomegaly. who do I see, what should I do?

I have been having some vague epigastric pain for a few weeks that settled in my LUQ. I have had extreme nausea, feel full after a few bites and even feel sick after eating. I wasn't able to sleep at all one night last week and while going to the restroom I lifted my shirt up and noticed a bulge coming out from under my left ribs. I am also having pain in my left shoulder and shoulder blade. I called a GI and went to see him. He told me it wasn't a big deal after examination and seeing the bulge. I asked him if it could be my spleen. He said definitely not. He did order a CAT scan and blood work, which I got done. The day after, the nurse called me and told me my spleen is enlarged but the doctor is not concerned because a CT scan done about a month prior also showed my spleen was enlarged. I was upset and told the nurse that the prior CT scan was done for abdominal pain as well and nobody told me it was enlarged. The nurse obviously not knowing what to say told me the doctor said my pain wasn't from my enlarged spleen. I asked her how she knows and the nurse replied because the doctor's note said it wasn't. I asked what I should do then, she replied that she doesn't know and he doesn't even treat spleen anyway. I am asking now, who do I see, what should I do? The pain is getting worse, I can't bend over without a lot of discomfort. The nurse did notify me that my labs were insignificant, but now I don't know if I trust her.
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replied December 13th, 2017
Hi, how are you doing? I have the same problem. Doctors won't help me, spleen hurts so bad I don't enjoy life anymore.
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