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Spleen Enlarged (15cm)

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Got pain under your left side ribs? Is your left abdomen swollen or tender to touch? You might be dealing with a problem related to the spleen!...
Certain diseases can cause the spleen to swell to several times its normal size. Learn the signs and symptoms of spleen problems here....
An enlarged spleen is the result of an underlying disorder. What spleen disorders do doctors consider during diagnosis? What tests do they use?...
I was having heartburn issues, as well as slight indigestion after eating. My doctor sent me for an US because she was suspecting a gall bladder issue. The US was normal, except for my spleen being enlarged (15cm). As a follow-up to this, I had a chest X-ray, CBC with differential, peripheral blood smear, metabolic panel, HIV test, and urinalysis. All tests came back negative and my bloodwork was perfect! I was diagnosed and confirmed about 8 months ago with Celiac Disease and Gastritis. With Celiac Disease being an "autoimmune disorder", is there a connection between Celiac Disease and an enlarged spleen? Celiac Disease is somewhat new to the medical world. Thanks!
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