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Spiral fracture 5th metatarsal 6 months later

I posted about this twice thus far. I'm posting now for those of you who are enduring the recovery stage of the spiral fracture of the 5th metatarsal. My initial injury occurred on March 11, 2013. It is now Sept. 25th 2013 and I currently have little to no pain. I had no surgery. mine was a break that was only visible from the side and there will permanently be a slight disfigurement of the bone when viewing from the top of the foot.

When I was recovering I googled "how long will the pain endure", "how long does it take to heal", "will my foot ever feel the same", etc. etc. my guess is you're looking at this post you have similar questions or are dealing with the same injury and are bored. During my recovery I took calcium with vitamin d3 daily, I also ate not too many processed foods, I rested a lot and listened to my body. The time away from work for me lasted about five weeks. I work on my feet, my employer allowed me to go back to work and they worked with my restrictions which were: wearing a nonweight bearing boot for approximately eight weeks and I was able to work on my feet as I felt comfortable with. Sometimes employers are not able to accommodate those situations, I am grateful mine was able to.

After the nonweightbearing boot was gone I wore an "post surgery shoe" for a few weeks and then went back to normal shoes. Each transition had pain associated with the adjustments and eventually my body healed itself enough where I am essentially pain-free now. That being said mid-August I was still dealing with pain. The pain was great enough that I wanted to ensure that the bone was healing properly or had healed properly. I opted to have a CAT scan done.

Now with hindsight I wish I had saved myself/ the insurance company that extra $. But because I work on my feet all day every day I'm not totally upset that I had the CAT scan. Your feet have to be in great shape your whole life, when in doubt erring on the side of caution is probably the best choice, if only for peace of mind.

Again my intent for all of the posts that I have made is to help anyone dealing with a fracture like mine find answers to questions I had while I was recuperating. I was under medical supervision during my entire recovery and feet are nothing to mess with. Be sure to seek medical advice to ensure good healing.

I wish you a speedy recovery and all the best.
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replied October 13th, 2013
I am dealing with a similar break and its been 4 weeks they have seen no healing. I have been taking Vit D since and a lot of calcium in my diet. I have been no weight bearing. I am so upset it hasn't showed healing but he said that that part gets poor blood supply. The doctor says we should wait maybe 2 more weeks, but says its slim it will heal and then surgery is suggested. I am so terrified or surgery and have a phobia, when he started discussing it I fainted in the doctors office. I want to avoid it at all costs. I don't know what to do.
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