I broke my spine in 1992 in a car wreck. T5-T9 was crushed. Now my neck and lower back over arch to compensate for the curvature at T6 (85%.) I've included photos of the X-ray that show more detail. I've been to several spine surgeons and wanted to keep my feelings out of this in hope to get the best recommendations. Are there any Spine Surgeons out there. That could give me their gut instinct on what should be done?


Photo's of X-Rays:
Side View
[image link removed]/open?id=0B-5aMfs8kY_TWVRtVGNtNkk5 TjA
Frontal View:
[image link removed]/open?id=0B-5aMfs8kY_TSTh4RFlFSG9J Vmc
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