Hello everyone, ill try and make this as short as possible.
im 19 years old, and At the start of january my ex girlfriend put me through hell. i was stressed constantly and i noticed i started to get the symptons of water infections all the time. After seeing the doctors many times they tested blood, urine etc. all clear.
i was eventually referred to a urologist who gave me a prostate exam, flexible cystoscopy. All clear.

i also had an MRI scan, abdominal ultrasound, x ray of my hips. all of it is clear. I am at my wits end. my urine stream feels weak and restricted. i cant erections anymore, my right leg hurts to stand. i have restless legs, my lower back hurts a lot and my hips. i also have pain at the back of my neck. Is this related to pelvic floor being to tight. I havent had a normal erection for 6 months and i seem to have lost my libido. It isnt in my head as i barely ever get morning wood and if i do it is very weak. i cant get random erections anymore.

I also started lifting weights back in january and did way too many and they were too heavy for me. any help?
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