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spinal tb/sciolosis

Hello. I am 25 year old american girl. but spent 4 years overseas mostly in africa. I was diagnosed with systemic tuberculosis last month. There was scarring in both upper lobes of my lungs, but no active TB there, but the bacteria was found in 2 salivary glands, cervical lymph nodes, inguinal lymph nodes, my right ovary, and now they think my spine. I was getting a physical done (for nursing school) when the Dr noticed my spine was crooked. I have had other scoliosis screenings done in the past and all was normal. Given my situation, they are thinking that the TB has started to cause curvature in my spine. They did a sciolosis series of xrays to determine the exact degree of curvature, etc... it isn't too extreme now, but my General practitioner thinks it may get worse over time. She referred me to an orthopedic surgeon for follow up. The problem is I dont have insurance. Most of the surgeon's i have contacted require a huge downpayment in order to even be seen by their practice in an initial visit. My question is: is it absolutely necessary for me to follow up? I am on treatment for the TB now the damage is done right? Isn't a ortho surg. just going to tell me to keep an eye on it?? Or do you think surgery is a possibility. I just don't have any money and I can't decide how necessary it is for me to go to this dr.
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