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Spinal fusion - hardware removal?

Has anyone else experienced hardware removed from a spinal fusion?I am 22 and I have been fused from T11-L2 since I was 17 and I am getting the screws and rods removed. Just wondering if it helped anyone else, what the recovery time was like, and if they reopened the same incision, or made new ones. Thanks!
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replied October 28th, 2011
Especially eHealthy

I answered your question yesterday, but the post has seemed to have disappeared.

But, in general, as to whether or not it will help depends upon why it is being removed. Removal of hardware that is broken, proud, rubbing of tissues, etc, usually helps the patient's symptoms.

If it is just being taken out for pain, without any other problems, then the track record is not quite as good in relieving pain. In these cases, it is usually a last ditch effort, when everything else has failed. As long as the patient has realistic expectations, and understands that it may not work at all, then most surgeons will take out the hardware and see.

If you have a solid fusion mass and it is not too difficult to remove the hardware, the recovery period should be very fast. You do not have to get the bones to fuse, so it is just a matter of getting the soft tissues to heal.

When the surgery is done, they go back through of previous incisions. A surgeon does not want to make new incisions in a close area because there can be problems with the vascular supply in the scars. So, they use the same incision.

Hope your surgery goes well and your symptoms get better. Good luck.
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replied October 29th, 2011
Thanks so much! Yes it is a last result to help with pain. My lower back hurts alot from overcompensating so I'm just really hoping that it will help. I hope I heal fast because I have a 1 year old running around. Thanks so much for your post, it was really helpfull
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