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Spermicide + Pull out method ?

If we don't use condoms but I put spermicidal jelly on my penis and inside my partner's vagina prior to intercourse, and pull out before ejaculation, would the jelly be enough to kill the sperm that might be present in my pre-ejaculation fluid?
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replied January 13th, 2010
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For starters lets remove "pulling out" from any serious discussion about birth control. Pull-out method is an expressway to pregnancy. It gives a false sense of protection and ends up putting you at a higher risk.

Spermicidal jelly is a reactive protection. The Jelly has to come into contact with semen to have effect and it has limited effectiveness. If semen reaches the womb the jelly is unlikely to have effect on it.

For sexual protection you need reliable pregnancy protection, either a condom, or if not, the pill, ideally both.
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