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sperm through clothes ?

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my girl friend and i were kissing and we were so into it. I realized that my precum came out. And the sperm was coming down so i unconsciously wiped it with my finger. THen, I was scared that my girl friend could get pregnant if i rub her vagina, so i washed my hand twice and just rubbed her with her sweat pants on. She took shower after this. Later, we got so into it and we were humping but her with sweat pants on and me with nothing. I realized that my penis was in contact with her sweat pants (where vagina was) so after like 10 seconds i told her to let's stop because there could be precum. I'm sure it was just like a contact, but only with one layer cloth. SO i told her to wash her vagina, so she went to wash it right away... I don't know how she washed it but I'm worried that there might be a chance that she could get pregnant. The thing that worries me more is that she had not done her period for more than 40 days now...
Guys is there a big chance that she could get pregnant out of this? This happened like 3 hours ago, and I'm really worried right now. Maybe I'm making a big deal out of this, but i'm still very worried. Help me pls!!
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replied May 25th, 2009
I'm almost 100% sure that there's no way for her to be pregnant even if it was only one layer of clothes. Sperm would have to get inside of her for her to get pregnant, not just on the outside.
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replied June 2nd, 2009
Hey.. I've had an extremely similar problem with my boyfriend. I always think im pregnant and we have done the same exact stuff as you and your girlfriend have done. He always has to calm me down because i get so nervous. I've looked at almost every online source and talked to various people and they have all said the same thing:
---You cannot get pregnant if the sperm cannot get in. Unless you have some super sperm that can travel through clothing, your girlfriend will not get pregnant unless there is a chance for it to enter into her vagina.
Don't worry so much. She could be late for her period because of stress and depending on how old she is, if she isn't 18ish yet then her cycle isn't regular.
Don't sweat it. You guys will be fine.
Hope I helped! :]
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replied September 7th, 2009
what if i ejaculate on top of her?with our underwears on??Could she be pregnant?Please help us..we're freaking out..tnx alot..
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