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Sperm in vagina after hysterectomy and an odor question ^_^

Hello all! o/ I'm 27 and had a hysterectomy of the cervix and uterus removed. All good with no complications and hardly any pain and on the 3rd week in recovery! NOW! I have questions for y'all.. What happens with sperm in the vagina after hysterectomy during the 3rd week of recovery from the surgery? Now before you go "She's so dumb for having full force sex" etc. Mind you, I only had the tip in and my husband very gently pushed the tip in and out. Also I had him stay still while I touched his g spot on the penis then he came inside me.

We were horny bunnies before surgery of having sex 6 times a week or sometimes twice a day during the 6 times a week. Been like that for the 12 years we been together and even during my pregnancy of our twin sons and a surrogate pregnancy I done with a single baby and the wait after both pregnancies during the NO SEX grace ended up in being cut short with gentle sex like this and nothing bad happened.

But this different so I came to y'all for an second opinion. I feel super like I just took on the world and conquered it. Am I passing fresh blood and clots? No I'm not. Do I have a fever above 100+? No I do not. Experiencing any major pain now? No I'm not. Just wanting to know if the sperm makes it past the cervix cause a lot of it dribbled out like a sink faucet afterwards so I assume it all came out but they say sperm is healthy for a woman's vagina.

But I do have this god horrible smell that lasted since my second week of recovery and it smells like sweat and vinegar. No matter how many showers and clean it on the outside (I don't douche during healing processes. You crazy? LOL) it is STILL there! How do I get rid of it during the healing process? o:

Thank you in advance with your wisdom! ^_^
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replied September 20th, 2014
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Although there was no penetration, you are not supposed to have anything in your vagina (including sperm) until you get your doctor's ok - usually 6 weeks or so post-op.

Yes, all the sperm will dribble out because your vagina has been shortened and sewn shut (vaginal cuff).

The smell is probably due to the fact that you are not fully healed. But even after full healing, many women say they do not smell the same.
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