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sperm count and infection

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I have been off the pill for 2 years and haven't gotten pregnant and We have been TRYING for a year. My husband did a semen count on monday and the nurse called today and said my husband had an infection and that we both needed to take medication for 2 weeks. She said it doesn't show what kind of infection but a bunch of white blood cells and that this can really have an effect on fertilty. My dr was gone today and that she had the results. So does this mean that is has some sperm and effected by the infection or can they not tell because of the infection. I am just affraid that he is sterile.
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replied January 22nd, 2009
The biggest thing in a semen count, is both the number of semen present, plus the motility of the sperm. Having an infection could affect his number of sperm, in addition to making it difficult to concieve for you, since you probably have an infection as well.

I'd recommend that, after the two weeks of medication, he reschedules another semen count. Even if you do get the results from this one it may be inaccurate. Its always good to get multiple counts done to have an idea of where you stand.

Good luck!
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