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speed up broken bone healing ?

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Im 18 and 3 days ago I got in a bad 78mph 4 wheeler crash. I got nocked out and didnt know where I was or what happen lol In the crash I lost my helmit, both my shoes and pants. When I woke up it sucked cause I couldnt get up and all i tasted was blood and at the moment I didnt know if I was going to die or live.

Out of the crash I
*a cuncushin
*broke my neck
*broke my left shoulder
*broke my left ancle
*bit 3 holes in my toung
*Chipped a tooth or two
*black eyes
*bad road rash on my back but it wasnt from the road its from the 4 wheeler landing on my back with the tires still spinning.
*stiches in my right hand
And every thing else is sore. I go in again to see how im doing and to see if my back is broken which it probably is cause the 400lb quad was flipping in the air and landed on my lower back with the rear tires still spinning.

What foods and drinks will help speed up the healing prosses and how long am I looking at till I can be back riding again? I do "motocross" not sitting down doing slow trail riding.
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replied August 5th, 2008
Active User, very eHealthy
Hello 5star,

Sorry to read about your terrible crash.

May I suggest that you ask your doctor the things you have asked us. He/she knows the extent of your injuries far better than any of us. And do listen to what your doctor says, and follow his/her advice and instructions.

You will need a LOT OF PATIENCE!! It takes our bodies much longer to heal than our minds thinks it does.

I wish you well.

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replied July 17th, 2009
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My god what is going on with this site at the moment.
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