I have a child turning 3 in March. He has about 40 words he uses all the time and 5 sentences like where did he go mom. what's that, please mum, I don't know and no juice

He understands every request like go pick up your pants they are in the bathroom
He knows all his colours and body parts or food by me asking which are which and he will point. I try to ask him to repeat words and he gets mad at me.
In the last 6 months we have had a new baby and my husband has relocated to a new province and I am in a custody battle with my ex so we are living away from him at my parents, so lots of change. What do I do and is there anything wrong, I am thinking about contacting a speech pathologist

Do you have any advice,ot would be appreciated
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replied July 3rd, 2010
I suggest you contact a speech therapist, also I suggest that since he is 3 years old also go see a Psychologist as they will assess him and let you know whether he is on the global scale for intellectual disabilities. My grandson is 4 years old and he doesnt use many words and is under a speech therapist at present and has also been assessed by a psychogolist, the last assessment showed that his visuals are up, but speech is improving less rapidly. You can try your local health centres or maybe hospitals. I dont know what areas you live in but if your in australia we have quite a few people we can go through. I do not know if you have a disability service provider that is another avenue.
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replied February 26th, 2011
I have 2 brothers with Autism. One is on the lower end of the autistic spectrum and struggled with speech, he is turning 16 this year and has been seeing a speech therapist since he was 5 (when he started school). The speech therapist spent a lot of time identifying the sounds he had the most problem pronouncing and then listed the words/sentences that would be problematic for him...As i recall, he also had a more limited vocabluary than usual at the age of 3.

His speech was very difficult to understand (unless you knew him well and could second-guess what he was saying) until about 5 years ago. I don't know much about the Australian system for speech therapists, nor do I know if they come into schools like they do with my brother, but I'd also advise a speech therapist who may be able to map things out clearer.

Good luck, I hope I was helpful.
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replied March 25th, 2011
My daughter just turned 3 and is diagnosed with Severe Autism in her speech. She's been seeing a Speech Pathologist since she was about 1 1/2 years old. My daughter has not even a third of what your son can do. She knows about 50 words, but never uses them in context. She doesn't say sentences, she doesn't point, nothing. When we first started going to see a pathologist, she barely made a noise. Now that she's starting to get more on track, she's practicing her words and it actually seems like she wants to participate sometimes. She hums, babbles and so forth. She knows about 20 different songs, can sing them all, knows the interactive dances that go with them, and can count to 10 out loud with minor difficulties. I would definitely recommmend a speech pathologist, they do absolute wonders and the appointments are so much fun. Plus they help you work on what will help him, and give you hints and tips on how to get it achieved. My daughter absolutely loves going in to see her pathologist.
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