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Spaced out all the time The citalopram is not working.

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For the past 4 months or so I have slipped into depression. The first signs were ringings in my ears and one morning came lightheaded and has been like that ever since. From this scary feeling of feeling that your surrounding are not real, I started feeling anxious. I then went to the doctors had blood tests and all came back clear and said it was down to anxiety and stress. I was doing a 3rd year in graphic design and stressed out way to much and drank alot, which made me slip into this horrible state. My vision is hazy and is hard to focus so I went to the opticians and they gave me computer glasses that helped partially. Trying to concentrate on anything is near impossible and eventually my eyes my wonder off and stare at into the corner of the room. I just don't feel that I am here and that is the most worrying feeling. Ahhhh!

I have been on Citalopram for about a month now and don't feel much better. If I could awake and not feel in the clouds with a fuzzy head, then everything would go back to how it was. I have also been prescribed Bedranol for my anxiety and take those most days. I feel anxious most of the time and makes life hard to do the simplest things. The feeling is destroying me bit by bit and in order to not make it worse, I need to stay strong and keep active and not sit around thinking about it.As soon as the anxiety fades away, so will the fuzzy lightheaded feeling. All i can think is i have got A.D.D. The citalopram is not working, I can't concentrate, wondering all over the place and being very forgetful. What do you think doctor?
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First Helper Jon9325

replied May 30th, 2013
Hi I hope you've recovered from yr illness. Exactly what you wrote is exactly the way I have been feeling. It's really quite scary I've felt like I'm looking the plot and going crazy it has disrupted my life. I wouldn't wish it on anyone I have been scared with the strange feeling it gives you.
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