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ok so im 23 work all day everyday, dont really have time for myself but anyway i clean myself all the time and i have good hygiene but for the past couple of months my vagina has had a sour smell them its sweet then its sour and i knoe some discharge is normal but yea, i dont wear really tight clothes, im active, i dont really eat well, i have no itchy or swellings, omg somehelp whats wrong with me...
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replied August 11th, 2009
hello this sounds as if it could be bacterial vaginosis caused by hormonal imbalance. its more common than you realise if you check the forum lots of us women suffer this..i used balance active ph vaginal gel. i had a terrible smell like feaces through menopause but this cleared me up..your pharmacist shall tock it and its a weeks supply.
i tube inserted evrynight at bedtime with a pad to catch restores the normal natural balance of the course cured me.
hope this helps.
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