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Sores related to yeast infection/UTI

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About 3 weeks ago I went to the emergency room and was diagnosed with a "horrible UTI and staph infection" in the doctor's own words. I was treated with a slew of antibiotics and symptoms subsided. My family doctor requested that the culture results be sent to her from the hospital and they confirmed the obvious UTI/staph infection, however it also noted "yeast: no treatment necessary." and I thought nothing of it. But within the past few days I have noticed 3 or 4 small ulcer-like sores have appeared on my labia accompanied by itching and white discharge (not yellow or smelly) and not in clusters. I'm guessing they came about from my constant rubbing/sexual intercourse? It goes without saying that it hurts almost to the point of tears when I urinate, due to the soreness/general irritation of the area. I have seen online that some women can get blister/ulcer like sores with yeast infection if they have gone on long enough, which is my suspicion from that last culture test. I have been in a monogamous relationship for 5 months and tested for ALL std's within the past 2 months, so I can rule out anything scary such as herpes. (My boyfriend is also clean) I have a gyne appointment scheduled in two days at the earliest. (the symptoms may drive me crazy by then) But, I was just wondering if anyone had any input or experience with this sort of thing. Much appreciation!
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First Helper laurenx810

replied August 28th, 2015
UTI- Vaginal Sores
Hi, I am experiencing the same thing. What were you diagnosed with? My test results wont be back for a week and I am in panic mode.
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