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Sores on gumline making brushing painful.

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I went to a dentist several months ago and was told I had mild to mederate "gum issues". I have receding on my front bottom teeth both on the back and the front. He told me I needed to concentrate on flossing well and brushing properly. So I have been brushing at least 2 times a day, once after I eat when I get up and then before I go to bed I bush, floss and rinse with Act, Total Care alcohol free mouth rinse. My gums and teeth feel and look alot better and have never been whiter. But 3 or 4 days ago I ran out of floss and had to wait to get some more. I went that whole time without flossing, but still brushed and rinsed as I usually do. But now I have developed several sore spots on my gumline, one of which started to bleed a little. These sores make it very uncomfortable to brush these spots even though I brush gently and with a soft bristled tooth brush.

Any idea on what could have caused this? Was it the fact that I have not flossed in 3 or 4 days? I'm getting some more tomorrow of course but.....the sores will probably remain for a while and give me trouble until they heal. I've seen the sores before, but once I started brushing more and flossing they went away and my gums stopped bleeding and being sore all together. I never thought simply flossing would have such an effect on my gums and teeth.

Any advice on how to ease the soreness accompanied by brushing or should I just stick it out until they heal?
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