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I am sexually active and noticed about 3 months ago that under the head of my uncircumcised penis is a small dot, comparable to a sore one would get on their gums or inside of lip. not as white but about the same size.

I have been reading online to find something comparable but can seem to locate anything. There is only one dot, it does NOT itch, burn or any other symptoms i have read about.

There is zero discomfort, the only way i know it was there is by visual inspection.

I have recently started with a q-tip applying rubbing alcohol, again no burning or any discomfort, but i don't think its doing much.

after applying the rubbing alcohol a more distinct round shape is reviled as the surrounding skin is mildly irritated.

I am uncomfortable going to the doctor, especially if this is just a small common infection of some kind. but at the same time it does not seem to be going away

Thank you
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