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Sore throat from vomiting blood?

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I have allergies and drainage all the time. But Monday night was just like any other went to bed at a normal time but woke up a few hours later with a dry spot feeling in my throat. It made me cough so I got up and drank some water - went back to bed. Woke up a few hours later again dry spot couldn't get rid of and I couldn't sleep for coughing nothing bad but at times I felt I could vomit. I try not to vomit at all cost I hate it. After a few rounds of coughing I couldn't stop and ran to the bathroom where I vomited bright red blood and lots of it. My husband saw all this and said my throat was huge and I felt my tonsils they felt like the were sticking out and he said he could see them sticking out they were huge.

I went to the doctor she did a strep test and it was negative. She said she can't see anything out of the norm and has no idea. Maybe some blood in the back of my nose. Gave me a shot of penecillian an sent me home. My throat hurts worse than strep which I have had in the past not recently. Any idea what this is? The only meds I take are premarin and vitamins.
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