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I need some advice. Like you can read in my subject, I have something going on inside my mouth. About two days ago I woke up with a sore throat (not a suprise considering the weather changes we've been having here in California. Anyhow, earlier this evening I started to notice that the right side of the roof of my mouth has swollen up. I don't know if it has anything to do with the sore throat but the swelling does go all the way to the back to where my sore throat starts. I can feel it with my tongue and it is soft but tender to the touch. If you've ever had a burn blister in your mouth, it's kind of like that. ANY information you guys might have would be great. Thanks!!
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First Helper Maxxium

replied September 20th, 2008
hey i was wondering what you found out about your mouth.
i sort of have the same thing...but on my left side, and i have swelling feeling from my neck to under my right ear.
just curious.
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replied March 6th, 2010
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Have the same problem also, right side of soft pallet is swollen. There is pain from inside up to the right ear, also cannot open mouth more than 1/3 the way . Hurts to swallow anything - aches all the time and sharp pain when trying to swallow. And no there is no tooth ache... Looking for answers too Dr. Looked at it kind of blew it off but I did get a short reprieve when I took levaquin for 5 days but it came back
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