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sore swollen big toe joint, itching

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I developed quickly one evening an itch underneath my right big toe - this was accompanied by a sore swollen big toe joint. I believed it to be fungal as my big toenails are slightly thickened - but dont have any colour change. But the next evening the left big toe began to ithch under the nail too. The following day my fingernails felt itchy but not to the degree my big toes do. My doctor beleives it is due to fluid retention with the hot weather. I went without shoes for 3 days followiong this and on the last day I had no itching. I am back in shoes at work today and the itching has returned - I am not hot and dont feel like I have fluid retention. Nothing helps to sooth the itch - eczema cream, anti-fungal creams, nor ice. I don't have diabetes and my kidney and liver function fine.

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