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These symptoms could be completely unrelated but so far here is whats going on:

1: The sides of my tongue were sore (I have had that happen before...) but not the whole right side is sore and it seems that underneath there is a spot that is red which at this point is painful when I talk. (I am guessing a canker sore)

2: I have noticed that I have bumps on my hands that kind of look like little blisters. I have a couple on my ring finger, index finger, and my thumb of my right hand and I have one on the thumb of my left hand and one on my pinky of that hand as well.

Anyone have any ideas what this could be? Or what I can do to make it better? I can't get into the health center on campus until Monday so if its not any better I am going to make an appointment.

Thanks for any help you can give me : )
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replied December 8th, 2008
It sounds as if the bumps that you are describing could be warts. I'd suggest that you see a dermatologist, however, for a full diagnosis. Dermatologists are the experts trained in identifying skin problems via visual inspection. Treatment will depend upon the diagnosis.

A swollen tongue might be a symptom of an ALLERGIC REACTION to a medicine or another ALLERGEN. Check out this series of questions about mouth or tongue swelling:

Oral medicine check-up
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