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it feels like i pulled a muscle, its been sore for about a week but doesnt hurt if i dont move. Could this be maybe a pulled muscle and does it take a while for pulled muscles to get better
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replied January 19th, 2009
Extremely eHealthy
Sounds like it very well could be muscle strain. If it is, it can take time to fully heal, possibly several weeks.

You might try some heat to the muscle to see if it gives you some pain relief and either ibuprofen, or aleve for pain as well.

If it goes on for 2 weeks without any relief or if you have any numbness tingling or burning along with the muscle pain, I would suggest that you see your primary doctor.

Those symptoms would indicate a more serious problem with your spine than just a muscle. Something like nerve compression.

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replied October 1st, 2009
As you've been in pain for at least a week, you should probably seek medical advice either from your doctor or another professional such as a chiropractor. They should be able to advise on the root cause of your problem and recommend treatment, exercises and prevention advice.
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