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sore rib , chest and back

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Although these are just a few of the actual manifestations of my disorder, I put only this in the subject since these are the recent additional symptoms. Just last month, I woke up with flu-like symptoms except that I can barely stand straight. This is the first time I suffered from very severe low back pain except when I had a motorcycle crash last dec 2008. Prior to this I've been undergoing a lot of tests for my original problem and unfortunately until now its still not resolved. I will try to write down my medical history since I had the crash:
1. Dec 2008 - the crash
2. Mar 2009 - I had my left and right X-rayed because after the crash, the pain is still there. And I felt numbness and tingling sensation in both of my feet. X-ray showed negative.
3. May 2009 - I was diagnosed of gastroenteritis after vomitted and having nausea and diarrhea for 3 days. After this I felt a dull ache under my left rib. It wasn't painful at first or even bordering on pain. I ignored it and just tried to take antacids for it but it didnt go.
4. Jul 2009 - I had an ultrasound of the full abdomen but it showed nothing. X-ray on the head for sinusitis because I also had a post-nasal drip at that time. X-ray showed no septal deviation. Gastro said Iwas having GERD, I took PPI for a month but the dull ache is still there. And it now annoys me to the point that I have to stick my finger between my ribs to ease the pain or pinch the skin over it, most of the time.
5. Aug 2009 - Symptom is never relenting and sometimes wakes me up at night, stabbing me once on my flank. I underwent gastroscopy and colonoscopy but still no findings, negative. Subsequent chest x-ray showed a pleurodiaphragmatic adhesion on my left lung. Pulmo said, costochondritis. I took vit-B complex and pain-killers. The pain remains.
6. Oct 2009 - Chest x-ray showed no more adhesion. ECG is normal.

From this period, I felt alot of sensations all over my body. Like one night, I literally stood up from bed sleeping because of a sudden and short excruciating pain in my left abdomen. Then I felt like something is dripping inside and oozing, it was a fiery sensation. I never went back to sleep.

During my last plane trips, I always have a nightmare having this bout but when I woke, the pain is really there and it is actually very painful. I was very scared at his point since a visit to a Dr would necessarily mean a surgery. But never I had a fever, that's the catch.

7. Dec 2009 - My back was in pain and so are my pectoris muscles. Because I isually palpate or pinch the skin on my left rib, I started to nice that the muscle texture in that area (compared to the right) is different and if you pressed it, is painful. Then it gradually went to the muscles on my chest and into the right side as well. There was a night when I slept on my side and my right rib became numb. Also I notice taht when I sit for some time, my butt also bcomes numb.

8. Jan 2010 - Blood tests shows a slightly higher lymphocyte count and urinalysis, some pus. Dr. said maybe a minor UTI. X-ray this time, showed levoscoliosis. But The Dr. shrugged it off, maybe just an improper posture during the shot. At the same time, my GERD returned after having esophagitis. I was on Nexium, Tramadol, Vit-B complex, Myonal for 3 weeks then I discontinued all of them. Now my back pain is gradually radiating to my thighs and upper back. And I am thinking of undergoing a lumbosacral x-ray and an MRI on the spine. My last resort will be the Gabapentin drug which im still keeping it until the time I couldnt withstand the pain or couldnt even sleep. In some way, does frequent hemorrhoid bleeding, sinusitis and year-round headache have to do with this malady? What tests should I undergo next. or to what specialist should I seek help? last doctor even suggested I may have some neuro problems. Or like anxiety disorder, but I know it's not. Pls help...
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replied November 25th, 2010
Tell yah, we have the same problem, I already done a lot off check ups for years. But sometimes it even get paraniod coz I coudn't find the exact medication from the expertise until then. But the Pulmonologist says I have to undergo surgery which I am afraid of, but now I'm thinking to do it rather than suffer it forever..
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replied August 24th, 2012
minimal pleural effusion vs. pleurodiaphragmatic adhesion left
i have a minimal pleural effusion vs. pleurodiaphragmatic adhesion left, i dont know what is it??? i had also a chronic sinusitis las year,,, i dont know why this damn sick could not take this away,, i suffer this pain until now,,, plz someone can help me,,,
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