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Sore on tip of penis for 2 months, tried 7 different creams

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I have developed a "raw spot" around the "pee hole. It is tender under the pee hole and also in the right side of the pee hole.

I have tried 7 different creams for different doctors.

I went to my regular physician who said it was something easily cureable; When that cream did not work he sent me to a Urologist who also gave me a cream that did not work.

I was then sent to a dermatologist who said he could fix this and sfter several different creams still no success.

The Dermatologist took a biopsy and it came back "minor skin irritation". Something is wrong.

I cannot wear underwear because anything the tip of my penis rubs causes pain. I am suffering Anxiety over this because I am not able to do anything because of pain.

It sorta looks to me like I have little blisters on the right side of the pee hole; Really small but extremely Tender.

HELP; I am a 55 year old man who has one partner of 35+ years whom I trust dearly. She has had ZERO issues with her private parts. This all started after the wife and I had Unprotected Anal Sex but we have had unprotected Anal Sex multitude of times.

Here are the creams I have been prescribed;
Triamcinolone .5%
hylatopic plus

Any suggestions or help would be deeply appreciated.
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