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"I had a sore neck, just on one side and now my ear on that side has a strange feeling in it. It doesn't hurt, but feels stuffed and itchy. What could that mean? should I see a Dr. or use some kind of ear drops to see if that helps."
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replied June 11th, 2011
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You could have dysfunction or an infection in the eustation tube. This tube connects the middle ear to the throat. It is through this tube that the pressure in the middle can become equal to the outside. That's why your ears pop when you swallow, when the air pressure changes (airplane, mountains, etc).

Infections in the throat can affect the tube, and like wise, infections in the middle ear can affect the throat. It doesn't even have to be an infection, but just an inflammation can cause problems.

If the pressure in the middle ear gets too high it can cause pain. This is why babies are so uncomfortable with ear infections. And if you have ever been in a plane and can't pop your ears, you know the pressure pain. It also works the other way, scuba divers have to have clear ears, or the pressure under water can really cause problems.

If you develop uncomfortable pressure in the ear, develop a fever, or the throat is just too sore, you might want to see your physician. Ear drops, unfortunately, only affect the external or outer ear canal.

Hope you feel better soon. Good luck.
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