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Sore Neck, and two Swollen Glands.

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Hello Everyone. First off just want to say I am new here.

Brief Medical history. I have had swollen lymph-nodes/glands in the past, as a result of an enlarged spleen which was promplty removed.
Now on to my current problem.
About 2 weeks ago I pulled a muscle in my Right neck. It hurts when I look left. I have felt the muscle and it is very tense. Now, I have 2 swollen spots. I know that muscles can "knot up"... so I wonder if it is a gland, or just a knot. One is about 3 inches up from my collarbone, the other, right on my Jaw line. I am not sick, no sore throat, some allergies to pollen. In otherwords, I think it just might be related to my neck muscle. I Just noticed them about an hour ago.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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