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Sore, hard, dry skin on the soles of my feet!

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I've got hard, dry skin on the soles of my feet and it's sometimes quite sore when I walk. I've tried using a pumice stone to exoliate the dead skin and I've been using a heel balm, but it always seems to bother me again only a few days after! What can I do to prevent this? Smile
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replied June 17th, 2012
Thick skin on soles and calluses are a defense mechanism to protect sensitive reflex points. The reflex point become very sensitive if the organ(s) they represent is in distress, is sick, or is about to get sick. If you don't get the feet massaged, I mean deep strong massage, on a regular basis, and if you wear shoes a lot, your feet are shielding the reflex points. If you have sharp, stubbing pain in the feet, they are warning you that some organ requires attention, even if you have no symptoms.

The only way to stop this is to get deep tissue massage and reflexology treatment on a regular basis. If you don't have time and/or money to do this, I can help you. Look up nestoiter-gravity on Amazon. I made those products. They are designed to provide natural (the way nature intended) deep, strong massage for your feet. The bar and the rock pillow have ways to introduce pressure to your feet gradually and without tickling.

The only thing better than those products, would be to walk barefoot on natural grounds, like rocks, forest floor, sand, and other uneven surfaces. Without shoes, every time you stand on some uneven surface, that surface is pressing into your soles and massaging your feet as you walk. It improves blood circulation and activates the reflex points and instructs the body to heal itself.

If you don’t get my product, make something similar yourself. My website provides a lot of information, including user guide, video clips, pictures, etc.
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replied December 3rd, 2013
My heels have always been so dry that when I wear my fuzzy socks... It catches on them!! I''ve tried pomous stone , dr.''s RX lotion, soaking them and putting in a cooling peppermint lotion. Nothing helps. I heard that some famous actresses use Brillo pads. Any comments???
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