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sore breasts

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hi, I am 56 and sailed through the menopause at 48 with no symptoms at all. However over the last few months my left breast has become sore and tender to touch. There are no lumps or anything but the pain seems to be spreading under my armpit and down into my left arm underneath It is so uncomfortable and i am aware of the discomfort al the time.My right breast is not as sore but still tender to the touch. Any ideas for me
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replied June 4th, 2009
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Breast pain in post menopausal women can be present as a normal experience, that, usually subsides after one or two years.
Discomfort in both breast, can be triggered by hormonal replacement therapy.
However, this discomfort should be evaluated by physician to see if more serious underlying condition is present.
It is well know that the risk for breast cancer raises with years.
Not detecting lump does not exclude this possibility.

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