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Sore breast and lower left pain

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I started my period this month on Nov 8th. It looked a little different because of the fact that it was not heavy like I normally experience and it only lasted until the next day, which was a monday. I didn't bleed at all on tuesday than on wednesday it came back very lightly and only lasted from about 9am to 4pm. Than it was gone completly, no spotting like I normally experience towards the end. I have sex on a pretty regular basis and use the pull and pray method... Well about a week ago I noticed my breast were starting to become very tender, which only happens about 4 days before my period is about to start. Yesterday on the 26th I got really bad pains on my lower left side, that lasted all day into this morning. I have been a little constipated lately, which is not normal for me either. I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was some light spotting, but nothing like a period. It was brown and very very light. I plan on testing but I kinda want to wait till my next scheduled period which is not due for almost teo weeks. Any advice would help and be appreciated! Thanks... giggle
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replied November 28th, 2009
Especially eHealthy
Too early for those symptoms. Your first symptom will probably be a missed period, followed by sore breasts, etc. You aren't even due for your period for another week.

This is how it works: women ovulate 14 days PRIOR to their next period. So it you have 28 day cycles, you would have ovulated on the 22nd +/- a day. It can take up to 6 days for the egg sperm combo (zygote) to implant on your uterin wall. It then can take 10-14 days for your body to produce enough hormones (hcg) to trigger a pregnancy test. The same hormones that trigger positive pregnancy tests, create all sorts of pregnancy symptoms.

ERGO, what you are experiencing can not be true pregnancy symptoms since they started last week while you were ovulated. Sounds like PMS.
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