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Son doesn't eat in the mornings

My 6 year old son has a decent diet & health. Once he is back from school, he takes regular snacks, meals, milk, or juices till late in the night.

But in the mornings, he simply refuses to take anything before we see him off for school. lately, we involve him in some computer games and make him drink a cup of chocolate or Bournvita milk along with 1-2 biscuits, but usually he just runs away from them.

many a times, he actually vomits everything, even ruining his school dress.

Any ideas regarding a particular snack or juice or fruit or sweet fro the mornings OR some medication.

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replied October 19th, 2009
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He's probably too tired to eat first thing in the morning. Maybe he needs an earlier bedtime so that he can get up earlier in the morning? Also, if he is eating late in the night, that might be tying him over into breakfast the next day so that he doesn't feel hungry.

You can try instant breakfast, but I think it's a change in schedule that's needed. Don't give him medication...he won't need it...besides, I don't think there is a medication that would help this situation.
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