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son, 7 and I have Multiple symptoms, celiac ruled out

I am 41 and have a son who is 7, and we both suffer from an array of symptoms. Any help would be greatly appreciated, particularly for the sake of my son. Symptoms:
- Digestive issues- sticky stool (like glue), often pale in color, foul flatulance, bloating, discomfort; 3-4 times/day
- Energy- feeling tired, foggy brain, lethargic at times, headache in temples area
- Respiratory- upper throat irritated, tongue covered in stuff, saliva is cloudy
- Urinary- urine creates extra bubbles, appears different in color when other symptoms are present
- Vision- my eyes have a few areas where they are red most of the time

I have been to many doctors, and have taken my son as well, but we have gotten to no diagnosis after 3 years:
- Many visits to GI- ruled out Celiac, Whipple, upper/lower endoscopy with biopsies showed no signs of distress, also had stool test 3 times ruling out bacterial infection and other stool issues. Had genetic test for Blasto, D Fragilis bu these were negative as well.
- Allergist- all negative
- Neurologist- brain MRI showed no issues
- ENT- scoped nose area and throat, no issues
- Palmonary- no issues in lungs, all good.

Symptoms persist often for many days and weeks, but occasionally there would be 1-2 weeks of reduced or no symptoms. The days of no symptoms are becoming more rare though.

1) Parasite/bacteria/virus, but wish I knew which one. I traveled to South America, and had symptoms soon after food poisoning there when I got back. My son started having symptoms a year later.
2) Mold or some other irritant in the house.

THANK YOU so much in advance considering to help.
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replied June 20th, 2015
Extremely eHealthy
You need more blood work to be tested..........did they test the bowel movement itself?
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