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Sometimes my heart races before I start eating and I don't.

This morning I had 2 pieces of whole grain toast, with butter and Nutella. I usually do 2, but I was feeling skeptical about the second one. I ate it anyway but instantly knew it was too much. My heart beat ran wild, I started moaning/screaming and I got very shaky, as my stomach was telling me "You've eaten too much".
I only calmed down a bit when I let out some huge burps, yet hours later I still don't feel ok. I don't know if it's indigestion, but I have a weird taste in my throat, and my appetite has gone. I'm instantly convinced I'm sick in some way, so I'm now in bed currently, crying and snivelling because I just don't know what breakfast did to me. I get this a lot. Sometimes my heart races before I start eating and I just don't do it. Any kind of help would be appreciated. :/
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replied March 13th, 2015
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Hi Cmacc: If you are fighting Anorexia, then you are fighting yourself to keep this down...You have not had too much to eat...I would say to talk to your doctor about this so he/she could get you some help...You do not want to stop eating or get sick...My best to you...Take care...

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replied March 19th, 2015
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I suggest you to visit any good doctor and star treatments.
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