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something mentally not right with sister

So my sister is 21 and acts 16. Since she was a freshman in high school she started acting out. She would lie about where she is or what she did when she was out. She started sexually acting out from pressure from friends who were beginning to engage in sexual things. Then she got a cell phone while in high school. And I truly feel like this is where my parents went wrong. I am 24 and did not get my first phone until I graduated high school, so I'm not sure why they let her have one. But she is extremely attached to her phone. Has been since the beginning. So attached that one time many years ago, my dad took it away for punishment for bad grades and she called 911. She befriends anyone on social media. This includes people that don't even live in our country. She texts anyone. Her conversations with these people are amazing. She acts like she's gonna meet them some day. By the way it's mostly men she talks to. She doesn't like a lot of girls and they don't like her. She is incredibly sexual. She wears clothes that aren't her size. For example, she's an extra large and sees no issue with wearing a medium. She has to almost always show some sort of skin. She posts pictures on social media that are very what I call "hoochie". She looks like a hooker off the street. She wears big hoop earring, thongs everyday, is very into name brands like Victoria's secret. When it comes to these expensive brands she doesn't care if she only has $20 left on her, she will make sure it goes on something from these brands or her appearance. She constantly is buying hair extensions, and perfume. Things she honestly has more than enough of. Another thing is she's obsessed with phone cases. Mind you, I have had the same case for almost a year. Its dirty but it's doing it's job. Now she just got 3 new cases and needs more. Her current cell phone isn't that old and she is dying to get a new one. She spends all her time on her phone- texting and talking to men she doesn't know. It's sick. She also lies like compulsively. She lies about who she is going out with like a friend. Lies about what she did with that friend. The other day, I overheard her phone conversation to her friend about smoking weed and how she was gonna lie to our mom. I called her out on it and she must have convinced herself of these lies to be truthful because she looked me dead in the eye and said, "I never said that." My thoughts were just amazed beyond belief. She's been lying for years but lately it's escalated to where I can't take it. She is a white girl. We are a white family. My sister has mostly black friends that are negative influences. They drink underage. They smoke pot. They speed down the highway. They make dumb decisions everyday. And that's who's she's become. She now listens to all rap music and it's very negative music. She talks like someone who hasn't had much schooling, and is stoned. She says ain't, and nah a lot. Like I honestly think she thinks she's of color. Its who she has become. My mom doesn't know what to do with her. We can't take it anymore. She has moved out once before but asked to come back home because she felt she couldn't make it on her own, when really she was just too lazy to pay her bills. She moved out of state, with a guy she met in an online chat room. The guy ended up being a pimp, who used her to make money. He convinced her to strip and sign a lease for an outrageously expensive apartment. She was totally fine with it until he got arrested for some things that came up and then she panicked. She stayed in this other state for 3 months, continued stripping to pay her rent. And when she got sick of it she asked to come home. Nobody wants her home because she hasn't changed and I'd say is worse than when she left. She's a mess. My mom has talked to her sternly saying if she doesn't straighten up, she will be evicted from our home. And my sister gives some bull response just saying what my mom wants to hear. So, I think she needs counseling. I think she has a personality disorder, I think she's a compulsive liar. But I also think she knows what she's doing and doesn't care. I'm just at a loss. How do you help someone that sees no issue?
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replied April 30th, 2016
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It goes in sixes.

By the age of six things begin to go down ward. At twelve they become worse. And then the real crap happens at the beginning of eighteen.

We all morph slowly into horrendous beasts and it usually gets rather serious.

It's the waters that they use to speak about in the old days. The waters inside of us become bitter and even completely dry up. These waters are the love we once had in us.

Everyone does it in their own way.
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