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someone please help? I want to stop.

Hello im 15, you would think im the average teenager... but i'm not.

I want to stop cutting but i cant i have been cutting for a year now i have scars all p my arms and on my legs. Nothing i've tried has helped i've tried councilling and talking but no one understands someone please give me advice...

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replied December 16th, 2013
Hi there,

It sounds like you are having trouble to get people to understand you. I had issue's like that and the harder I'd try to get people to understand me the more it become apparent to me that people were just not getting it. I explained the difficulties I was having with someone i trusted (an adult) and they gave me some wise words, they said to me "no one will ever understand you, as well as you do" this stuck with me and when people didn't understand parts of me i remembered this…

Self harm unfortunately can be very addictive and a habit that is hard to kick! With lots of determination and strength it can be over come! There is hope out there and i believe that you can stop self harming if you are willing to be committed and prepared to do the hard yards and work on breaking these unhealthy habits. Part of the discovery to cease your self harming behaviour could be find your triggers and the reasons why you self harm. Finding a trusted adult or another counsellor would be a really good thing to think about so you can offload sometimes and learn new ways of dealing with things.

If you are in Australia a good number to call could be
Kids help Line- 1800 55 1800, it is a free number from a landline, Optus, Telstra and i think Virgin mobile. They are really good with the issues you have discussed, when you ring the number you will eventually be connected with a counsellor and can even speak with the same counsellor again.
They also do web counselling and email counselling free Smile… You could check out there website and it will explain more on there.

Headspace is also another great place you could look up. Many young people find that organisation helpful too.

Take care and consider getting in touch with one of these organisations, it may help Smile
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