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Some symptoms of Parkinson's are caused by levodopa

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2009.

I started levodopa therapy in late 2010. Currently I take 75 mg Madopar (levodopa) every 2 hours, comtan (entacopone) every 4 hours or every second dose of levodopa, and 1mg azilect (rasagiline) every day.

I have a good response to levodopa , stiffness and slowness of movement are well controlled. I rarely experience "off state" times (times when the levodopa does not work).

However other symptoms of PD which I never experience when not medicated ("off state") occur only when I am in the "on state". They are;

freezing of gait and consequent falling over
balance problems
difficulty rising from a chair
retropulsion (tendency to lose balance causing patient to walk backwards in order to prevent falling)

Levodopa is most effective at controlling stiffness and slowness of movement. But it isn't supposed top cause other symptoms of PD, except in rare cases it can cause "on state" freezing.

Why does levodopa cause these symptoms when its supposed to improve them ???
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