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some info I'd like to share about gout and ph that may help

I've had gout for a couple of years now and recently had a bad bout last year. because of that I went no meat and no alcohol for a year with change. finally had to accept the only other factor that was keeping my gout high sugar! I visited the idea of ph and gout before but baking soda never sat we'll in my stomach, if I took to much without food my body would reject it and give me the runs. apple cider vinegar was too hard to put down. so when I revisited the ph factor I researched alkalinity and got better info.
basically this is what I've discovered when your body's ph is too acidic it uses up nutrients in your body like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium etc ( electrolytes) to balance and remove the acid. over time due to nutrient depletion your body can no longer balance itself out so you end up remaining acidic and that acid builds up in your body in the form of Utica acid crystals. what I've been doing to couteract this is by taking a multivitamin in the morning with breakfast and either another at night before bed or calcium corbonate tablet(aka tums) to neutralize any acid in my body for the 8 hours I'm asleep very important because it allows your kidneys to do their job.
now for diet.....
right now I've added chicken to my diet sneak beef pork or dessert very rarely but if I do I have pop a tums to neutralize the acid. sugar, coffee it seems is just as bad or even worse than meat as far as acidity in your body. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables. I have also found out a lot of water out there is slightly acidic especially tap water, so I've been drinking panna, pellegrino, Fiji water etc. what I do avoid at all cost are nuts ( includes seeds and peanuts)and mushrooms. for some reason these food items sit heavy in my kidneys not letting them function as well. it may be because they are harder to digest or it may be because due to gout my kidneys aren't 100 percent and can't process the nuts and mushrooms who know. all I know is that I can actually feel my kidneys hurting 1/2 hour after eating those items. some other foods I've noticed have helped are garlic &fresh ginger. if you want further reading look up alkaline diet for other food items to help you out.

in my case due to gout, a naturally low sodium diet and lots of strenuous exercise in the for of long hike/trail runs of 20 miles or more I became really sodium deficient and as a result cramped up a lot more even though I drank alot of water so I found out rubbing my body down with baking soda mid hot shower turning off the water and letting it soak in for awhile helps with the cramping by absorbing some of the sodium externally . I may or may not return to this forum and check back but just wanted to help by sharing what I have learned so far
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replied December 12th, 2013
It is great that you've managed to put gout under control. But it seems that consuming too much of one thing causes problems with the other things. I managed to put my gout under control by using reesai joint health, and I use it now every day. This way I am not so limited with food that i eat, and after about one month I started to consume some foods (not in high quantities though)that previously I couldn't even think of, and it is all fine, pain didn't come back.
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