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some grains start to come in my eye and increase. diet?

Im male and 17 years old. Im suffering from this problem for the past 1 year.
This happend for the first time in the last year:

One day I came to my home after playing cricket at night. I was normal and lying in the bed. suddenly something happend to my eyes. There were some grains started to come in my eye vision on my left eye. Then they slowly started increasing. Then it passed coming into my right eye and both the eyes were affected. My grandma and my mom were standing in front of me but their face were fully blurry. I wasnt able to recognize their face and any object in fornt of me. I was able to see the objects but they were full of blur and cant see a definite image. It was like illusion. It is very difficult to explain. I was totally shocked. I thought that i will loose my vision. I ran into washroom and washed my face with plenty of water. But not use of it. Then I switched off the light and went to sleep in dark to see whether it cures. I was in bed for about half an hour. When I woke up it has gone but I was feeling somewhat tired. I had my tution class at that time. As it is very important i went for it.after some 10 or 20 min my vision was clear and I felt good. This incident happend for me for the first time. I thought that some chemicals in my brain might have mixed and i will be alright after they settle(as shown in movies). But after some days I experienced the same problem.

This is happening following the first time till now and is slightly different:

The same thing occured but this time it was slightly different. The vision was like the camera placed in dark room(some minute brown red dots). At this time my right eye was ok.only my left eye was affected.This time also i washed my face immediately and it gone after washing. I have started experiencing this problem again and again. All these incident which occured for the 2nd,3rd time and so on lasted only for about 1-3 minutes. I watch computer,tv,mobile for many hours daily. Mostly from night to 4.00 am morning. After that only i go to sleep and get up at 11.00 am or 12 noon. I thought that watching computer is the reason and I left watching computer for about a month. This occured for one time even after stopping watching computer. Then when i started watching computer again at that time also it occured. Then I went for a eye checkup and I thought that I got power in my eyes so only this is happening. Till that I was not wearing any specs. My power was -0.5 in both eyes. Then I started wearing specs.I thought after wearing specs this will not occur. But it started occuring after wearing specs also. Till today i have encountered this problem for about 8-12 times. Last week also I encountered this problem. Sorry for my bad english. This situation is very difficult to explain in english.please help me. I cant figure out what is the reason behind this whether it is a deficiency or due to computer or any problem in my eye.
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