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Solutions for the after effects of meningitis- I feel great!

First of all, may I say some words of support of all those suffering from the after effects of meningitis. It can be daunting to feel like doctors can't help you much any more, even thought you are not your formal self. Mostly unspecific symptoms and complains that meningitis leaves behind are important. They do change your life, even if officially you are fit. They still are health issues and I hope there comes a day when there will be more treatment and support.

What strikes me on this forum is that so many people have the same complains, but there are virtually no stories of full recovery and effective solutions.

I would like to post here something that helped me and maybe continue this topic with stories of others experience with cures that helped or maybe didn't.

So here is my story in short:
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I am a female in my early twenties and had viral meningitis 10 months ago. I felt OK after leaving hospital. Had general complains like dizziness, clumsiness, headache, depression, mood swings, fatigued, memory and concentration problems, joint pain… well the general things the doctor waves off as “it will go away” or “you should learn to live with it”.
The thing that set me off in search of solutions elsewhere was that I kept getting sick. I was literary sick all the time with minor illnesses for the 4 months after my hospital release.
I started looking for solutions how to boost your immune system and what can cause it to be so poor.
It was a long and painfully tiring process, especially when you see so many possibilities and have no one to guide you. I did not have the possibility to go to an alternative doctor, who actually treats your immune system.
But I did found something that helped me. Or precisely, something that was standing in the way of recovery.

Sugar. SUGAR. Sugar… in all forms and shapes. Now I’m a skeptical person and don’t like all kinds of “mumbo jumbos”. I lived by a principle that if it wasn’t scientifically proven and doesn’t harm the rest of billion people in this world, why should I not eat it? For me diet was something people do to lose weight, not much about health and so.

Desperate as I was to get better, I tried to eliminate sugar from my diet and roughly followed the candida diet, immune system restoration diet and anti-inflammatory diet. Now when I say roughly I mean there are so many sources of diets online and they all tend to contradict each other. A lot of information is written in very fanatic way (no offense to the kind people writing it) and lacks any explanation why you should/shouldn't eat something. Very daunting, but one thing in common - sugar (glucose, corn syrup, honey etc.) is eliminated. Next to elimination I focused on activities that boost your immune system: natural probiotics from Kefir, balanced diet, extra vitamins (esp. vitamin C).

Now, 6 months later I’m feeling great. In some way almost like my old self, in some way even better. Have still some complains, but I feel extraordinary lucky that I’ve got so far. Almost nowhere do I see any solutions for people recovering from these “life changing non-specific symptoms”.. I’m not a doctor, but I sincerely hope that my response will help someone to a full recovery. I would advise, if you can afford it, to go to a specialist in alternative medicine as a road on your own is very hard and confusing. But, if not, just try researching about a diet without sugar and give it a go.

PS: I also had suspicion on thyroid function problems, adrenal fatigued, depression and probably more things that I can’t even recall. However, when I follow my diet, I have no complains. I also eliminated caffeine, alcohol, dairy products (except cheese and yoghurt), pork meat, non-organic meat (mostly), food coloring, most additives, processed grains, sugary fruit. Now, don’t get scared, there is plenty of food out there that you can still eat. At the end of the day you need to listen to your body as some things are ok for one person and no go for others
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replied February 21st, 2013
Curious to know if you have reoccurring meningitis? I do and am looking to change diet and supplements to stop mine.
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