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Soft tissue lump.

I had an MRI in Nov 2012 and a small tear shaped lump was found deep in the top of my right thigh. A second MRI was done in Feb 2013 as they werent sure what it was. Again the results came back as not sure what this was and so surgical removal was advised. Lump was giving increased signal and would not compress.

The area on my thigh has been swollen and painful. Pain during the day and can be worse at night. The more im on my feet the worse the pain gets. I have also pain in my hip and bum. Other symptoms: Im wrecked all the time, I look dreadful in an ill way, im sweating a lot, no appetite, nausea, lost weight and in general my legs ache.

I seen surgeon yesterday. He never looked at my leg, had me touching my thumbs to each of my fingers, putting my hands behind my back and was touching my feet with his finger tips. Told him all symptoms and all pain. In the end he said the pain I had, had nothing to do with the lump, removing it would not take the pain away, and it was just a lump of fat so they are going to do nothing. I feel livid to put it mildly. Someone give me advice please as I dont know what to do.
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replied April 16th, 2013
Can anyone give advice??????
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