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Soft stool constipation

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I am suffering following issues:
1. I have soft stool constipation
ie the stools neither watery nor hard stools, inbetween both the states
so i am not able to hv a bowel movement regularly
or when i have it is always incompelte.
As a result of which i always pass wind.
Because of too much passage of wind my anus is smelly, sweaty
and anal opening is always irritated.
But i do not have any kind of bleeding.
2. Right side anus pain
I always have right side anus pain. Its completely random.
It will start randomly and end it the same way.
No matter medicine i take, it does not have any effect.
Also if touch the right side, i cannot find the suitable area where i get the pain.

I have done proctoscopy, colonscopy everything came negative.

In colonscopy, what doctor told is that my stools were sticking to the intestine.
Basically its the sticky, not movable stool problem.

And one doctor told me tht my anus opening is very tight or
some type of external swelling is blocking my path from right side.
But none of the doctors tell tht i have a piles problem.
Though i had piles, fissures and anal abscess previously.
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First Helper seriousissue

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replied August 20th, 2009
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Having chronic diarrhea or loose stools with lower abdominal pains in form of cramps, feeling of incomplete evacuation after having a bowel movement, feeling bloated and gassy, you are most likely having a irritable bowel syndrome.
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replied December 30th, 2011
Never read anything about this specifically, but could be a gluten problem. Gluten by nature is sticky, (that's why it makes for such yummy bread, probably why it's called GLUEtin), and it seems that gluten sensitivity or celiac disease is becoming more common. This is when gluten isn't digested properly and the body reacts to it or something, and it can in turn cause intestinal damage.
However, even if your body's not having some sort of immune reponse to gluten, it makes sense to me that if you have a bunch of sticky poo, something's making it sticky, and gluten is sticky. There's probably other dietary things that could be doing that too, or maybe the bacteria in your gut are abnormal and they are causing the stickiness.
I'd try some hardcore dietary changes seeing as food is what ends up being poo. An obvious start would be stopping foods/drinks you eat a lot of and replace them with very different foods. (eg: say you eat a lot of oranges, don't switch to grapefruit instead. Try a non-fruit instead). Or try the usual gluten-free thing, which you may want to include no lactose either then at the start. You could also try a number of various fasts to clean out your system also. I'd avoid colon cleansing type things until after trying most everything else first, but that's just me. I'd also avoid medications that are supposed to help this type of thing while trying out dietary changes(unless you finally get a proper, sound diagnosis) simply because it could mess those up. Also hard to figure out what makes you feel better if you try multiple things at once.
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