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Soft Erection during intercourse.. help! :(

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I am a 27 years old male. For the past 4-5 years or so, I have been having what I would best describe as performance anxiety. Before this time frame, I was able to successfully get and maintain an erection while i am in contact with a female. However, I do not know how this came to be.. 5 years ago, I started to have performance anxiety. This has caused me MUCH stress, I've had girlfriends that I lost over this, I've been in situations where I've been called gay by girls in night clubs or parties in front of my friends because of my problem. Right now, my social life is 6 feet below the ground. I am feel so helpless.. I have been carrying this nightmare with me for 5 years. Anyways, here is some tips that will give clues to what I think to be a psychological erectile disfunction.. please help me.. please..

-I do have morning erections few times a week, especially if i do not masturbate for one or two days..
-I do am able to get hard when I am masturbating by my self or with the aid of sexual videos..
-I've noticed that I do get increased sense of sexual arousal or get hard more often If i do not masturbate everyday.
-When I get into sexual intercourse, most of the time I do become hard enough for sex but then anxiety kicks in and my penis becomes softer and I am not able to maintain proper erection for sex.
-When I am in night clubs or parties, while dancing with girls, I do not know if it is anxiety or if it is a physical problem, I am not able to get erection.
-I've noticed that I have zero or even below confidence going into sexual intercourse.. it is like my brain is sexually aroused by my penis is not erect..

My Questions Are..

-What fruits or vegetables can i eat daily to help my situation? (honey, watermelon, garlic?)
-Should I go to get consultation by a homeopathy doctor?
-Is it a nerve problem? physical or psychological dysfunction?
-What are the general tips that anyone can give me to help me overcome

I want to get back my social life.. most importantly feel like a man again.. I am going through a lot of depression and I've been put down by an army of girls and humiliated in front of my friends.. Please.. if there is anyone out there who can help me It would be great. Thank you so much for your efforts.
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