I'm very akward in conversation with people....I don't know well. If we don't get off to a good start on conversation, the conversation always seems forced. Also, I know that you should look people in the eyes when they are talking to you, but I feel extremely uncomfortable looking into the eyes of someone I hardly know and having stale small talk with. Sometimes I either stare into their eyes without blinking, or shift around avoiding eye contact. Now I know I'm uncomfortable when talking, but I start to think that this makes them uncomfortable too, which kills the conversation. ( A little side note is that when I am bored in class with nothing to look at or read I tend to stare at people, which I think makes them sit away from me, but it could be me being suspicious. I try not to but just staring at my desk head down doesnt help.)

But this isn't my only problem. There are times when I can pull off a good conversation. But 90 % percent of the time the conversation is about school or small talk. Things that interest me are usually Video games and martial arts, which won't make long conversation topics. I can make good small talk but its hard to get into good conversation. I try to add in my thoughts to a group conversation at times, but it always seems akward, and only one person acknowledges that I said something, but still it seems like they force themselves to say something.

It makes me extremely depressed that people find me socially unapproachable, which makes me feel even worse, which doesnt help at all. Could someone give me some pointers on how to correct this or how to overcome it?
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replied April 16th, 2008
There is a physical disorder called Social Anxiety. It plagues many, many people and is treatable. If you talk to a doctor, a therapist, or a school counsellor you can get more information. It's not because you have a handicap, it's that you just have a small hormonal imbalance that can be fixed, much like depression. I would highly recommend talking to someone about it to get more information. You'd be amazed at the results!
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