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social pereceptions of persons with polio

Thank god I have found this formum. I have wanted to ask the following question for the last 45 years which is WHY DO ABLE BODIED PERSONS IN SOCIETY EXPECT PERSONS WITH POLIO TO TAKE ON THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES? I did not walk until age three (I''m 49 now) and I currently walk in pain. I am a minority and I have found that for some reasons - minorities do not understand polio and expect me to take on responsibilties that truly are not my own. I have raised three children and took care of my mother. I do not smoke, drink, or take pain killers (even though I probably qualify for medical marijuana). Because I do not look my age and work (I work in pain - but don''t talk about it) - for some reasons people in the minority group I belong to feel it is my responsiblity to take care of some one eles''s child. I personally feel that any social worker that keeps bringing me up should be the one to take care of someone else''s child. They say to whom much is given - much is required.
I personally feel that employed minority social workers should parent these children they have tried to put off on me. I don''t have much and the only reason that I am able to barely function now is because I did not do drugs or drink in my younger years. Do you find that society has UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS ABOUT THE SOCIAL ROLES THAT A PERSON WITH POLIO SHOULD FULFILL? I do what I can -I donate to charities when I have extra money, and I do try to help my immediate family as much as possible. I just don''t have the strength to try to raise the child of able bodied persons. Helping my immediate family was a burden and a weight that I would not put on anyone. I think that this country should enforce birth control and stop trying to make everyone take care of someone else''s child. I am not being cruel - I think a child in a smaller family has less mental, social and psychological problems than children raised in large dysfunctional families that resort to foster care as a babysitting service. The women in the minority group I belong don''t care who the father of a child is - as long as they get pregnant and then expect everybody else to parent these children. Anytime society starts to expect paralytics or persons with chronic diseases to step up to the plate - then we gotta problem that really needs to be addressed.
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