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Social Anxiety without the anxiety?

I have never been able to talk to people properly and I have no idea why. I have no social phobia, I used to think that I had, and I tried to talk to people and join drama groups, but it never worked (Bear in mind I tried for a good few years). When I go out, I change into a completely different person, it's like I am trapped inside my head and I can only get out when I get home, (metaphorically speaking). The doctors I have seen do not understand, they are trying to diagnose it as psychosis, and I am sure I do not have it, and I know psychosis covers a lot of different things, but I know I don't have it and they keep saying, quote 'You might be anxious and you don't know it'. I am completely and utterly clueless as to why I change, I am not scared. It is causing me great pain, as my face freezes and feels so tense, and I can't sit up straight, so my back is in agony. Another problem is that for as long as I can remember, I can't wear clothes properly, as they feel so uncomfortable against my skin, it doesn't cause any pain or itchiness and the only way I can describe it is that it feels 'disgusting'. I don't know if these are linked together?
Any similar experiences or ideas on what could be happening are greatly apreciated.
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replied February 27th, 2013
I also think I have sinusitis as well, which can cause the feeling of being unreal, which I have. I don't know if these are linked too.
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